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Tiwi Partners provide the following update on our company management of COVID-19 within our workplaces.
We have disseminated information to our staff and continue to maintain and enact processes including but not limited to –

• Providing health and hygiene information, posters and additional hand sanitiser / hand wash products to all workplaces
• Providing information to staff and contractors for identifying and managing COVID-19
• Providing professional cleaners to maintain a hygienic workplace
• Providing formal Induction procedures for all workplaces that discuss COVID-19
• Requesting staff / visitors that have returned from overseas within 14 days – not enter our workplaces
• Requesting staff / visitors that are unwell or have flu like symptoms to remove themselves from our workplaces until they have a medical clearance
• Minimised face to face meetings with teleconferencing / web based platform meetings
• Restricted our business related travel
• Implemented our business continuity plan
• Implemented our company COVID-19 Crisis Management processes
• Enabled our Employee Assistance Provider to be available for COVID-19 related counselling
• Implemented workplace sign in and out registers for personnel tracking purposes
• Updated our internal procedures to include reporting to Defence for suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 within a Defence base via phone - 1800 333 362 and email via project reporting chains
• Continue oversight of our IT systems for our enterprise data storage, back-ups and user authentication systems
• Preparing for implementing worker temperature testing at each workplace

We will continue to monitor and update our processes accordingly and in line with information released by –


• World Health Organisation -
• Australian Government Department of Health –
• Prime Minister of Australia -

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